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You have found an extension of the Nebraska Veterans Coalition Facebook page. It's purpose is to improve support of our military veterans and their families. As a Coalition Member you are encouraged to get involved in Nebraska veterans programs and organizations. The Nebraska Veteran's Coalition is a non-partisan and/or a bi-partisan group. It was formed in order to bring awareness to veterans about what is going on in the Nebraska Unicameral. To inform veterans of their elected officials, and what the status legislation is pertaining to Veteran's benefits that are going through the Nebraska Unicameral.

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1. Primary purposes:

a. Convince Legislature to provide incentives to Attract and Retain Veterans in Nebraska.

b. Increase Tax revenues for Nebraska by increasing its veteran population.

c. Establish more effective collaborative efforts to attract talent to Nebraska to respond to current and future workforce needs

d. Improve the retention of highly skilled leaders and technicians retained in Nebraska who are separating from the military.

e. Persuade Nebraska to improve the medical treatment of veterans by working more closely with the Veterans Administration and by persuading Nebraska to establish a Home Base Program similar to other states.

f. Persuade Nebraska to market itself to Veterans

g. Admins and members providing information to veterans and family members about available benefits from the VA and the State of Nebraska.

h. Share information about efforts within the VA, the United States Congress, and the Nebraska Legislature to improve support of veterans and their families.

i. Share information to veterans, their families, and those who support veterans about efforts to attract and retain veterans in Nebraska.

j. Persuade Veterans to be more involved in the process of Democracy.

2. Primary Efforts:

a. Communicate with Legislators, the Governors Office, and numerous other community leaders concerning the need and benefits of persuading Veterans to remain in Nebraska.

b. Establishing and maintaining information distribution efforts through Facebook, web site, e-mails and meetings.

c. Working with Chambers of Commerce to gain their support.

d. Advocating methods to improve retention of veterans in Nebraska.

e. Working with the Legislature to gain support for increasing the number of veterans in Nebraska.

f. Working with Veteran Service Organizations

g. Provide ongoing information to Legislators about the benefit of using veterans to expand the work force in Nebraska.

h. Establishing ongoing dialogue with Nebraska Legislators to provide them with information about veterans needs.

i. Work with the Nebraska Veterans Commission to provide them with information about the needs of veterans in Nebraska.

j. Make ongoing efforts to increase the number of veterans and supporters on our Facebook page.

k. Encourage posting on our Facebook, veterans events in Nebraska.

l. Working with the Nebraska Department of Labor And the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs to improve services to veterans.


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